Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday 7/09/09

No exercising today. Long drive this afternoon and got home around 6.

Breakfast - V8 - Jon, I didn't get your advice until today, I'll add something tomorrow.

Lunch - Low carb lunch bowl - chili flavor - more like dirt flavor..

Dinner - Onion soup and a few pieces of grilled chicken.

Wednesday 7/08/09

Breakfast - V8

Lunch - Grilled chicken sandwhich from Chick-fil-a without bun.

Dinner - Left over chicken from night before.

We bike 15.2 miles. KeithAnn's kept track of total bike time at 1:17. Think we were out there for about 2 hours playing with baby at playground at Southern Miss. Fun night, but very dark when we got back to the truck. We all took showers and went to bed.

Tuesday 7/7/09

Raining and with baby until dark. We made a couple of rounds around WalMart and Sams...

Breakfast - V8

Lunch - Low carb wrap with cole slaw from Sweet Peppers

Dinner - Rotiserrie chicken from Sams.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday 7/6/09

Biked 7.8 miles with KeithAnn and Rebekah. KeithAnn ordered some new contraption that lets the baby sit on the handle bars rather than behind you or being in the trailer. Pretty cool looking. Good day for a ride. Nice and cool after a long needed rain.

Breakfast - V8 low sodium drink

Lunch - 1 cup of whole wheat spaghetti (sp?). Pre-packaged low carb deal. Wasn't so bad.

Dinner - Fajita salad - grilled chicked, lettuce, and cheese sause. Probably too many tortilla chips...

Weight - 335.